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Wedding Trailer from Cardboard Films!!

Oh….em….geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. This trailer makes me want to go back and relive that weekend all over. Like I’m not still day dreaming all day errry day about it because it was the BEST. DAY. EVER.

One thing that many people at the wedding didn’t get to see was that in lieu of gifts, Thomas and I decided we were going to write a letter the day of our wedding to each other. We wanted to capture exactly how we were feeling that day forever. Because in the midst of all the chaos of everything that could go wrong going wrong, a tropical storm (damn you Bill) making me change my ceremony and reception locations not once but twice in a single day due to the flooding, and the never ending rain that happened that day….well, we wanted to remember how happy-overwhelmed-elated-giddy-head over heels in love with not only each other but everyone around us that day. So you get to see me write mine and then read Thomas’. Only Thomas didn’t follow the rules and not only did he write me a letter but got me the most beautiful pair of earrings to wear the day of our wedding.  And I wrote him a note covered in tears. #notaprettycryer

We also brought a globe for our wedding party to sign. Each person signed their name next to a country and mapped out an adventure they want to take with us. Anyone who knows Thomas and I knows we can’t still still and love to travel. Our friends and family just made it that much easier to decide who to invite where for the places on our bucket list. We also learned that not a lot of people know where Fiji actually is (that was really Hawaii, bro).

When we get the full video, we’ll have a viewing party at the house for those who want to come over and relive Mexico. Might as well make it our housewarming party too lol!

A huge huge thank you to Jesse & Payton at Cardboard Films. We absolutely loved having you guys with us and love the fact we made new friends in Nashville!

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