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The Big Day – The Ceremony

So the weather changed the wedding plans a few times the day of. Originally we were supposed to get married on the beach, but that didn’t happen due to a tropical storm. So we were supposed to get married in the chapel, but then about 2 hours before the ceremony was supposed to start, the chapel flooded. So then the resort put us in more of a conference room type of space, deep inside on the inner most part of the building they could get us in. You know whats fun doing the day of your wedding? Trying to communicate to 57 guests at a tropical resort not one, but two, location changes for your wedding…on a resort thats 1.5 miles long. When we say the situation was bad…I mean it was bad. But the resort, the guests, and our awesome wedding party did everything to make the day as amazing as it could possibly be. And seeing what fun everyone was having, rain or no rain, made all of it worth it. Sure I wanted my party under the stars with twinkle lights on the beach, but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

The one comical part was when I went to the spa to get ready. I thought I’d sit in the steam room and sauna a bit and relax. But the storm had partially collapsed the roof so there was no working equipment. So I sat in a lukewarm room and pretended it was all functioning properly. Soooooo relaxing. Luckily our room was right by the spa, so the girls and I could run over (with their hair covered) pretty easily. The tricky part was getting guests from their rooms to the ceremony without coming in soaking wet. See the rehearsal dinner photos for proof of that one.

But the resort accommodated us, and drove everyone over to the ceremony (at location #3 at this point) in golf carts. And wouldn’t you know, right before I was supposed to get in my golf cart to ride over to the ceremony…it stopped raining.

Due to the weather the entire weekend (we got married on a sunday), almost all the weddings were using the chapel the days prior, which is where we were supposed to have our rehearsal. But since they had to move 5 weddings the day before into the chapel, there wasn’t really any time. And instead of doing the responsible thing and doing it somewhere ourselves, we all decided to just have a drink because YOLO. So when we asked our amazing friend, Kris Gaudet, to marry us, we hadn’t at any point run through what we were going to do the day of. We didn’t want to know, nor did he, what exactly he was going to say. But we definitely should have at least ran through the logistics a few times. Sorry Kris.

But again, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

I always thought the day of our wedding, I would look like a straight hot mess, with mascara all over my face. I’m kind of a happy emotional cryer, and I couldn’t have been happier on this day. But writing my letter to Thomas, I think I got most of my tears out and had nothing left but happiness in my heart. Although I did break down, as I knew I would, when I saw my Dad in his Navy whites. He looked so handsome, and it reminded me of being a kid and seeing him dressed up for his ceremonies. Something only a fellow military brat will understand, but there’s just a semblance of tradition, honor, and duty that those uniforms embody. And it was a true honor for that to be my daddy as he walked me down the aisle. Besides me and Thomas, my dad in his uniform is one of my most favorite photos of that day.

As far as the rest of everything else, the ceremony went (hilariously) well. Gaudet was amazing as I knew he would be, pushing the envelope just enough to make your jaw drop. Ok, more like pick it up off the floor, but it was still awesome. “I thought he was taking her to Maine.”

The song I walked down the aisle to was The Beatles, “Here comes the sun.” and when we walked out, we played Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors.” Amanda Fard did our reading, which you can read here. 

Needless to say, our wedding was not traditional, in the slightest. But it was 100% us. It was funny, sweet, a bit saucy, but full of love in every way.



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