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The Big Day – Getting Ready

So I’m like kind of a year behind in posting these, but just looking at them all again makes my heart swell. There’s quite a lot of photos so we’re going to break them up but here’s the wedding party getting ready for the big day. Look at how beautiful the weather was 🙂 Our photographer Jorge, wasn’t able to swap back and forth between the groom and bridal party due to the storm. But we all know the boys took about 10 minutes to get ready, so there’s not much to miss there. And we have our awesome wedding video to show what they were doing.

One thing Thomas and I did in lieu of gifts was write each other a letter the day of our wedding. Well thats what we were supposed to do. But as you can see from the photos below, I started balling when Thomas gave me, along with his letter, the most beautiful earrings to wear on our wedding day. I’ll treasure those things forever. And all I gave him was a letter (in my defense, its a damn good letter).

The globe was something we had in our room that we had our wedding party sign. They had to pick a spot somewhere in the world that they wanted us to go on adventure with them on, and we’ll hold them to it. Although it might take a while to get through it all. It was so interesting to see what everyone picked, with Italy being a top favorite. Actually I’m pretty sure someone just commandeered all of Europe.

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