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Spring 2018 + PCB

Toddlerhood in full effect by the time 2018 rolled around. But we embraced it as best you can. We started Reagan in Swimming lessons to get her ready for the summer (she hated it…like HATED it). So that lasted about 3 months before I stopped because I was tired of my saturday’s starting off in a duel every weekend. But we had loads of fun stuff planned. Finn’s 1st birthday, James’ 1st birthday, took Reagan to the Atlanta Zoo for the first time, Easter, and so much more. The pics below are from when we attempt to do a last minute shoot as a family Easter Sunday. Of course Reagan will never take a photo with Thomas and I.


We also went to 30A for the first time as a family of 3. We rented a little house on the beach and enjoyed a leisurely week of nothing and working when we could with the best view.


Some more photos and videos from the spring


View videos here:

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