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Reagan’s First Time Eating Solids

At 5 months we started to introduce solids to Reagan. I knew I wanted to make her food myself. Don’t ask me why as I can hardly feed myself half the time, but I was really looking forward to making her food from scratch.

After buying Maggie’s baby shower present (a baby brezza that steams your food then automatically blends it), it sat in our house for 2 weeks. I thought it was a nice to have at first but not really necessary as we had all the different part to make baby food (pot to steam in and a blender). But the more I stared at it, the more I wanted it. So we finally caved one day at Babies R Us and splurged and got it. And I have to tell you, single greatest invention ever.

The more I thought about, I knew myself, and I knew that I would make food a few times then eventually cave and stop because of the mess, of the prep, of the cleanup. So this little gadget that basically does it all for you. Freaking Genius.

Anyways, back to Reagan.

We fed her carrots. I was a nervous wreck. Thomas even more so. It was all I could do to feed her solids as he was “not ready to have his baby eat real food yet.” Honestly, I don’t know who’s the more dramatic parent sometimes….

She hated the first bite. And the second. Choked on the third and I about had a heart attack. Fourth bite….we kinda were digging it.

Happy to report almost 3 months later, we’re still making home made foods. Now I just have to get brave enough to start letting her feed herself.

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