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Reagan – Month 9, Boston, and Moving

June we were officially out of our house in Decatur and back up at our old stomping grounds. Our house was supposed to be done end of May but of course, that didn’t happen. So like most millennials…we moved in with our parents. We lived with Jerry & Selina for the month of June and ended up closing on our house on June 28th.

And while it was a complete pain the ass to move everything into storage to move it right back out again a month later, it was nice to be with family for a bit. Reagan got to spend time with her grandparents like she never has before and see her cousins more in one month than she had the 9 months prior. Seeing how happy she was really hit home that we made the right decision to get out of the city and move back home.

Reagan was crawling ALL over the place and inspecting everything. I’ve always said I love around 9/10 months with babies. They really start to take in the world around them and its so incredible to witness.

Looking at these photos and videos, its incredible how much she grew in the month we lived there. When we moved in, Reagan was just starting to feed herself solids. I was terrified of course, and chopped things up into centimeter size bites. The first time we gave her Puffs, I think I broke them into fours (they’re the size of a Cheerio and dissolve in your mouth).

And thanks to the wise wisdom of Amanda Rae who said “feed your kid some real food, Angela”….Reagan moved in eating pureed foods and by the time we left at the end of June, she had probably eaten 80% of the watermelons in Cherokee County, had her first taste of Spaghetti, and so much more. The kid had her daddy’s appetite.

If I look at the video’s, especially of her in a highchair, I can see how much bigger she grew in four short weeks.Looking back on all of this makes me so happy I’ve kept up these monthly recaps.


We also went to Boston that month to visit my mom and Fran. We were supposed to also make a trip to WV to visit dad and Rhonda but we were a little overzealous in what we could accomplish. The plan was to close on our old house on a Wednesday, be moved out, and head to West Virginia on Thursday. Needless to say, we underestimated moving with a baby and how much stuff we accumulated with our baby and wedding showers. But we had flights paid for to Boston so we had to go or lose our $.

This was also Reagan’s first flight. And it was flipping awful. She loved the airport, loved seeing people get off and on the plane, but the plane ride…not so much. It wasn’t her ears or anything like that. The issue was she was mobile now. And she couldn’t understand for the life of her why she couldn’t get on the floor and just crawl around. So I was in the back of the plane trying to stand by the engines to silence her complaining. I had little claw marks all over my neck because she wiggling so much trying to get down.

You also don’t realize how much that damn intercom goes off during a flight. Right when she’d drift off to sleep, that talkative captain would come on just spouting nonsense and nothing anyone cared about hearing…and woke up my baby. I was furious.

But it was good to see Mom and Fran and they loved getting to show Reagan off to their friends and colleagues. We didn’t do much out of the ordinary. When we head to Boston, we generally just veg and relax…and eat πŸ™‚ And Reagan loved exploring a new house with new things she’s never played with…basically, lots of things she’s not supposed to play with.

This was mom’s cleaning and linen closet that she turned into a full blown nursery for her sweet granddaughter πŸ™‚

Mild obsession with our diaper rash cream started on this trip too. Don’t ask me why….

Meeting Auntie Ralph and Uncle Mike!

Other than that, June was a pretty quiet month. Between the move and my stint at Verifone FINALLY coming to an end (#allthefeels), we were both physically, mentally and emotionally just done. And before we knew it, we were closing on our Woodstock house and gearing up to move….again. But Reagan got plenty of grandma, grandaddy and cousin time.


All the videos….

Target Blabbering

Giggling with Grandaddy

Bathtime chatter

Book Lover

Sippy Cups

Wingards love their tomatoes

Swinging at Patriot Park


All the videos

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