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Reagan – Month 8, and Santa Rosa w/the Gravitt’s

May ended up being a pretty crazy month. We decided to move out of the house a month early (we had the option to rent through May until our house was done but decided to go ahead and save the $$ by living with Jerry & Selina). So with about 3 weeks we decided to pack up and move, get a storage unit, and finally be done with the Decatur house.

But first we went to Florida with the Gravitt’s 🙂

Gravgard vacations are pretty common with about 1-2 trips per year on average. Since we both were new(ish) parents, it actually worked out perfectly. Because none of us knew how to travel with a  baby yet. And while the new way to experience the beach is still something to get used to once you have children (bye bye day drinking and sun bathing….going out to dinner after day drinking….passing out, repeat). It was still incredibly fun and nice to do with friends who are in the same boat we are….figuring out parenthood. Plus Finn & Reagan, who we’ve already decided have a prearranged marriage, got to hang out and meet for the first time. Finn was just about 4 months and Reagan was 8 months so while a lot of playing didn’t happen, it was still hilarious. See this video for adorable proof:


After adjusting to vacationing with a baby, numerous attempts to go out to eat but failing, a flat tire for us…we had one afternoon at the beach out of 4 days. We also didn’t think about wind and sand and babies but hey, we’re learning.


And if this isn’t winning fatherhood, I don’t know what its.

We also all went to the aquarium for the first time and celebrated Thomas’ birthday…then moved out of the house the next day. And let me tell you how much I underestimated moving with a baby would go. One, when we moved into that house we were not married and did not have a baby. I really didn’t foresee the amount of stuff that we accumulated as a result of those two milestones. But by beginning of June, we were out of the house and up in Acworth.

I also got to celebrate my very first Mother’s Day and it was precious. AND I got my first shout out from Thomas on social media. Which honestly was probably the best gift he’s ever given me besides marrying me and giving me Reagan.

Our 1st Mother’s Day. Look at that smile!

Reagan at this point was honestly…perfect. She was crawling, cruising, playing, entertaining herself, sleeping so well for naps and at night. 8 months is a seriously fun age. Their personality really starts to come out. Although they get into everything that they can, its seriously a blast. And I feel like this month was the month we started to get out of our “new parent” hiding that seems to happen and started getting more social. We started going to the store more and I wasn’t so scared to take her with me (don’t ask me why….first time mom and schedules and scared of crying fits I guess). She got to ride in buggies at the store, go to Charlotte’s first dance recital and so much more.

Reagan still had a fascination with magazines, especially Travel & Leisure, and played with a stack of magazines every morning for like 30 minutes.


Work wise things were going well. Thomas was moving properties, even getting one under contract and a new one listed in one day and I was getting ready to wrap things up at Verifone with my transition contract for the acquisition coming to an end on June 15th.

Charlotte’s 1st dance recital.

1st time in the buggy at Target!

Dog food is no longer safe!

Our last walk in our neighborhood in Decatur 🙁 We’ll miss Dearborn Park!

Our last walk in our neighborhood in Decatur 🙁 We’ll miss Dearborn Park!




We pull out all the toys. Every. Day.

In all the chaos of moving I misplaced her monthly stickers for her month old photos 🙁 #momfail but we’ve got plenty of “action” shots!

8 Month Videos

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