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Reagan – Month 7

Annnnnnd we’re mobile people. Full on crawling. I thought she’d ease into it and it would take a week or so for her to get the hang of it, but I guess Reagan had been planking for so long she had the strength to do it, she just needed to figure out the mechanics. No exaggeration, the day she started crawling, by the end of the day she had explored the whole first level of the house. So much for easing into things…

At this point, breastfeeding was starting to become a problem for us. The older Reagan got, the harder it was to feed. And I did all the tips of going somewhere quiet, eliminating distractions, etc. It just wasn’t happening anymore. At one point, she was only latching for about a minute each breast and we would just alternate constantly. I didn’t know if my supply had dropped or what and was tired of the manic googling on breastfeeding. But I knew something had to give. I had wanted to exclusively breastfeed for a year. And I guess in my mind that “looked” like actual baby on breast feeding. But that just wasn’t going to work anymore. I knew she wasn’t getting enough. So I started exclusively pumping and giving her bottles…and while it may not have been what I “expected” (seriously that idea of expectations just needs to go out the window at this point in life), Reagan was actually starting to eat again. I thought maybe we could just try bottles for a few days to get her really back to eating like she should and then try latching again…but she wasn’t having it. At one point, she even pushed me away. I was heartbroken. But I knew this wasn’t about me. As long as she was fed and happy (and sleeping), I knew that was all that mattered.

And once I started pumping…I could visually see how much milk I was producing. It wasn’t enough. It was a good bit, but not enough. And after about a week of only pumping, it started to drop further. So at this point, we’re pretty much 50/50 of formula and breastmilk. I would say its making life easier…but thats not necessarily true lol. Reagan’s life is easier. She gets a nice warm bottle of more than enough milk. She doesn’t have to be locked away to eat somewhere quiet. She can sit and play and look at other people and eat at the same time. However I have the worst of both worlds. I have to do twice the amount of cleaning of pump parts and bottles. I have to feed her THEN find the time to sit and pump. But I’m going to commit to keep doing it  as long as I’m producing enough milk for 2 bottles a day.

OH and I don’t know if you guys know this as this was news to me, but the diaper changing table…something happens at this age to the diaper changing table. It is now nothing but hot lava filled with broken glass and knives and you’re basically killing your child if you put them on there. Or so they act like. I’m not sure what happened, but the one perk of the bottle is that when she wakes up, we have a bottle ready, so when we go to change her it at least make that torture chamber somewhat tolerable.

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April was a big month, besides the crawling, we also went to the beach for the first time with Jerry & Selina. The weather wasn’t very cooperative, but we still had a great time. Thomas and I had to work the majority of the time but Reagan still got some solid grandparent time and she got to put her toes in the sand and see the ocean. You can read more about that here


Work really picked up for both of us in April as well. Reagan even went with me to Athens for a meeting 🙂 We also finalized our interview with our nanny. She wouldn’t start till May but it was so nice to know we had that taken care of!

We decided to sell our house in April. We knew it was time. Since I was going to be going off on my own in June full time and Thomas was already on how his own….we had to relook at how we do our finances and run our house. It was going to be steady paychecks anymore. It was going to be feast and famine. SO after much much much debate. We decided to sell our home in Decatur and find something cheaper that would lower our overhead. It was a really tough decision as I envisioned when we bought this house we’d raise our kids here. We got married here. We had our baby here. It was a busy 2 years lol. But its just the right move for us at this point in our lives. Where we’re headed…more on that later 🙂   But the great news is I had a fabulous real estate agent who listed our house on the Friday we headed to PCB and by Saturday night it was under contract.

My mom and Fran also came for a visit in April and we had a blast hanging out with them and Reagan thoroughly enjoyed getting to show off. 

Here’s some other snaps from April:


After all my videos got deleted last month (everything from since she was born to 6 months), I’m not forgetting anything haha:

Using the iPad as incentive to crawl

Snorts like her momma

Showing off her eating skills

Opening our Easter basket from Nonni & Grandpa

First time in the pool on Easter

First time on the swings

Apparently its funny when I point my finger and tell her not to do something

That damn horse toy

Daddy’s version of Peek A Boo


  1. Lauren

    June 22, 2017 at 1:46 am

    She is so cute!!! And I’m glad my baby isn’t the only baby who now despises her changing table…

    1. adventuresoftanda

      July 9, 2017 at 6:35 pm

      Haha right?! I don’t know why its hot lava to them or something…

    2. adventuresoftanda

      August 24, 2017 at 9:54 pm

      Haha not at all!!! Its the worst thing that can ever happen to her on a daily basis lol

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