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Reagan – Month 4

Oh y’all don’t even know about month 4. That whole 4 month sleep regression thing…yeah that happened to us. It hit our household like a hurricane, a tsunami, and an earthquake all at once. Her sleeping longer stretches at 3 months quickly became a distant memory. Basically everything was turned upside down.

ginger asian

This face lololol

Reagan had to be held to go to sleep. She refused to take naps. Any behavior that remotely made her feel like she was about to go sleep was SHUT DOWN. Honestly up till Month 4, I was keeping my cool I felt like as best I could. I knew she was a newborn and that this was temporary, that whole lack of sleep thing. But by the end of month 3, Reagan had started giving us longer and longer stretches of sleep. And once you have it…you can’t take it away. After about 2 weeks of it, I completely lost it. I had one of the hardest weeks of my life at work (since it was announced the company I worked for was being sold again, and my future position was up in the air) and I wasn’t getting any sleep at all. I think most new parents struggle in the beginning weeks. Month 4 was what broke me. Lol thats all I can really say about it.

At this time we decided to start moving Reagan to her crib as she was still sleeping in our room in the pack n play. I was reading everything 100x over that I had already read about sleep training, Ferber Methods, CIO, and on and on and on. We had said from the beginning that we wanted to do things our way and not rush the process or feel pressured to do things a certain way because everyone else does them. We knew we would get there eventually but wanted to take our time. So step 1 was to get Reagan sleeping in her room for the majority of the night in hopes she would “not smell the kitchen” aka me, and sleep longer without needing to eat. It semi-worked. Some nights she’d go 4 hours, some nights it was every 2 hours. Some nights she slept through the night. You just never knew what you were going to get…which made working and having any sort of social interactions with friends and family a bit difficult…well more difficult than already having a baby.

Month 4 was January 2017. After celebrating the New Year with the Gravitt’s, we were quickly graced with the presence of Finnian Gravitt, Reagan’s one day best friend, boyfriend, hopefully husband but not going to put any pressure on that….but I’d really really like for him to be my son-in-law…well really I’d just like to have them as my in-laws.  🙂

And as a favor to Molly, since I knew she’d basically be delivering that week, I offered to work The Mart for her the first week of January in Atlanta, which is one of the biggest Gift tradeshows of the year (Molly is the owner of a BOSS jewelry and accessories company that you can check out here and has been a long time client of mine). It was the first longest stretch I was away from Reagan for work. I missed her so much but I have to say, it was nice to hang around some adults for an extended period of time.

Celebrating New Years at our house in Decatur. Completely different celebration than the year before in Paris!

Visiting Molly & Baby Finn!

One of my other oldest and dearest friends, Maggie, is also expecting so we went to the High Museum to take some photos of her and her sister, Jessica. One of my most favorite shoots to date.


High Museum maternity shoot

Some photos from Maggie’s Maternity shoot at the High Museum.

Reagan still loves her Wub-a-nubs and giraffes are still in the lead. But this month we became very curious about our toys that talked like our Violet Puppy Dog and River Rose we got for Christmas. Anything that sings or lights up, we already loved, but really starting to engage with.

Oh and we roll allllllllllll over the place.

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