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Reagan – Month 3

I can’t even believe how quickly time is going by with our little one. I feel like we just came home from the hospital and she’s all of a sudden 3 months old!

Once we hit about 10 weeks, things really started to change in our day to day and Reagan hit so many milestones and just grew overnight. She started sleeping longer, first till 4 am, then 5 am, then 6, then all of a sudden 8/8:30. I finally started getting some sleep! The irony is, the more sleep I started to get, the more I realized how tired I really was. I guess running on fumes, you don’t really have any options, but once my body got a decent night’s sleep, it was like “hey! I missed this! lets have 100000 hours more of it!”

Reagan also really discovered her voice this month. So many sounds and squeals (and shrieks) just for the fun of it. Its so amazing to watch her learn more and more about herself. She held her head up pretty well honestly since about 2 weeks old, but this month she was 100% on her own and rarely needed any head support. She even started to know the difference of being held like a baby in a cradle position (and doesn’t like it any more…..insert all the sad face emojis ever created).

She rolled over so quickly the first time I wasn’t even sure what happened. Then when she did it in front of Selina & Jerry, we knew we officially had a big girl on our hands.

Giraffes our still our faves and we’re still the princess of Wubanub-diom. But this month we started really digging things our little hands can grasp like these links our cousin Cristina got us. And besides bath time, our 2nd favorite thing in the world is to “Peter Pan” around the house (where kisses = fairy dust to make you fly higher and longer). Mommy can’t quite do it like Daddy can unfortunately.

And after about 2 really big growth spurts, Reagan is currently wearing 3-6 months…and more towards the 6 months then the 3. Thomas is currently looking for a potion to freeze time and make her stop getting so big so quickly. I don’t know which one of us is more upset than the other!

It was a really busy time for us as well. I was in the middle of family mini-session seasons and of course, had my biggest season to date in the decade of my business doing 37 photoshoots over the course of 3 weeks. Reagan was a champ and even came to a few sessions as our little assistant.

And Reagan’s had quite the social calendar. First it was Thanksgiving, and Grandpa Chuck & Grandma Rhonda were in town. Then Grandma Ellie and Grandpa Frannie were in town the following weekend. THEN she had her first holiday party at Amanda Rae’s. THEN she had her first birthday party with Charlotte & Graham’s joint 1st/3rd birthday parties this past weekend. And next weekend we have our annual Friendsmas get together, where I’m sure several of her Aunties and Uncles will come see her. AND THEN IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!! Whew.

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