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Reagan – Month 2

Reagan turned 2 months at the end of Halloween. And while I was a little too excited about dressing her up for halloween, I then realized she’d be asleep by the time it really got dark and trick or treating started. So we wore our adorable outfit that Selina bought us for about 2.5 seconds before we threw up all over it. Trust that next year, we will be trick or treating like a boss. And yes, her and Ozzy will coordinate costumes.

Once we hit about 6 weeks, things really started to lighten up around the house. You feel as parents that you’re finally getting the hang of things and are a little more confident. Reagan started really showing her personality (lots of side eye from that kid). But she started to really acknowledge people and stare them in the eyes, still a huge fan of bath time, and we developed a new favorite animal – Lenny Longneck the Giraffe. We also started favoring our baby giraffe wubanub. So baby Lenny replace Lamby as our favorite. RIP Lamby…you’ve been demoted to backup binky.

The one thing we were dreading this month was that our sweet baby girl was getting her shots. And we definitely worked ourselves up over the matter. Reagan took it like an absolute champ, she stopped crying after about 10 seconds. But I’ve never seen her turn so red and when your kid does that quiet scream, where their mouth is open and you know its coming, its just pitiful. And I may or may not have started crying before it even started. But the one perk of getting shots – our house arrest was officially over. #TargetHereWeCome

Grandma Ellie & Grandpa Frannie came to visit that weekend as well as they couldn’t wait till December to see her again 🙂 And Thomas and I got our first parents night out as we went to celebrate our dear friends Molly & Collin (and my future son-in-law) at their baby shower. Multiple firsts off the old list this month for us – first night out away from baby. First drink for mommy (and a glass of wine never tasted so good), and I had my first photoshoot post partum (and it was 100x more difficult than I ever expected it to be. I didn’t realize how much I moved around so low in a squat!).

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