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Reagan – Month 11

Emotional and TIRED. Full of emotions and so overwhelmed and tired as Reagan was leading into her last  “month” as a baby. I know you still technically go by months after a year, but I personally hate doing math, so I knew that I would just start saying “she’s one” instead of “she’s 11 months.”

Not only had we just moved (again) and was trying to get settled, I was now in my first full month of business as I had mostly took July off for the move (PS moving with a mobile baby is no joke). And I was overwhelmed with emotions on that front alone with all these bad thoughts….I should be more prepared right now. I should have more clients right now. I should be networking more.

Then the nicer half of me starts to calm myself down saying….you’ve been through a lot in the past few months, cut yourself some slack, enjoy these last few weeks before Reagan turns ONE.

One of my good friends, Lauren, who also has a little girl who was turning one that month and I were in a constant text those few weeks about all the feelings of losing our babies and them being toddlers. A feeling I was not expecting…the feeling of wanting another baby, right this second. It hit us both. We wanted to be pregnant, and have those newborn, tiny baby moments again. Something raw and primal seriously kicks in when your kid turns one.

But don’t worry y’all, that feeling was gone within 72 hours 🙂

August was a pretty busy month for us, socially, and really was the first time I felt like we were starting to get out of our little bubble a bit. We had little Harper’s first birthday to kick of the month, the annual Tobin Rib Off, and then we got to have a night away and out on the town for Cassie & Jeremy’s Engagement party in Decatur.

This was a big moment for me, one I had been dreading the whole year but I knew it was beyond time to spend one night away from Reagan.  When Selina came to pick her up, to say I was cried was an understatement when I put her in the car and walked away. You seriously think someone would have died. I had warned Thomas how emotional I would get, and I since I’m not an overly sensitive person, I guess he just wasn’t expecting the big heaving sobs, makeup completely ruined for the night, collapsing in a corner, crying that occurred.  I dunno guys…like I said, primal emotions.

BUT once I got that out of my system, I was good. We went out to the engagement party, drank a LOT, caught up with friends, and then got to spend the night with our faves, The Cravens. It was nice to let go for one night and reminded us that we have to go out and blow off a little steam now and them. Considering we were people who were generally out drinking every weekend for years on end, to say we were in for almost a year without that release seems ludacris lol.

After that, Thomas also got his first trip away from us and got to go to Flora-Bama for Jeremy’s bachelor party and I got my first 4 day stretch to watch a baby by myself. He came back hangover, but relaxed. I never appreciated him more in my life when he got home and have a next level appreciation for single parents.

We then started to prepare for little miss’ FIRST birthday which started off with a visit from Auntie Amanda and Uncle Booty who got her her first car…
















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