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Reagan – Month 10

After a bout of a stomach bug circulating between Reagan and Thomas….we finally moved into the house 2 weeks after we closed. Since we didn’t have a hard date we had to be out (since we were living with Jerry & Selina), moving tended to take its time. “Lets grab lunch.” “I’m tired, lets take a nap and hit it hard tomorrow!”

And we had a feeling a certain baby was going to be more upset about leaving Grandma and Granddaddy. She had really come to love all the attention she got every day. Selina was off work for the summer while we lived there. As far as Reagan’s concerned, no one has jobs or goes into an office lol. I was in full swing with it being my first official month as my own boss (yay!) and really my first month, I worked on the clients I had previously but my biggest client was getting settled into this house!


And with a new home comes friends wanting to check out the digs. We were lucky to have several amazing people swing by including the Weeman’s coming up for a baby pool day! Reagan really didn’t want Baby James to leave.


baby bestie pool day baby bestie pool day baby bestie pool day

The only real social event we had was one of my best friend’s baby shower in Athens, which the last shower I had went to with Reagan was Maggie’s and she was 4 or 5 months old. At 10 months old….it was a bit different. Reagan loved all the attention but was 100% on the go. No sitting in someone’s lap for 3 hours anymore. And she tried cake for the first time. Not because I gave it to her, because she helped herself to people’s plates sitting on the coffee table. Not even a toddler yet and she’s just walking around with icing on her face.

Other than that, it was loads of more family time for Reagan. She was getting to such a fun age where she could really play with her cousins more than she ever could. It was also the month the Pamper box cart made its debut. We cruised in that thing with one arm out like we were just the coolest kid in the world. 

Reagan started becoming more independent as the weeks went by and while I thought her personality came out before…it really came out this month. She expressed more of her likes and dislikes with sounds and she knew the word “no” for a while but you can tell this month she truly comprehended that it was a bad thing to do (and not a funny thing to try to get away with).


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