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Reagan – Month 1

The first month with a baby feels two ways. During that first month, it feels like a flipping eternity. A week just feels like one long day. But once that month is over, it feel like it went by in a blink of an eye and you celebrate that you survived your first month as parents.

With family and friends coming over, it definitely helped speed things along for us. Everyone was so great – watching Reagan while I slept, bringing food, desserts, or wine, or just letting us know what the world was like outside the confines of our home…

And being a bit of a homebody, even I was ready to get out of this house after about 2 weeks. So I went to dinner with Maggie & Amanda as we usually do about every other month. It was a two birds, one stone approach – on the one hand it got me out of the house – on the other, we got to find out that our Maggie was having her very own little girl in March (yay for friends with babies!). I also had several hematologist appointments to monitor my blood and platelet levels, so that was exciting to get out of the house here and there for lol.

Overall, Reagan was a great baby. The first week was a bit rough breastfeeding, but once she got the hang of it we were good to go. But theres just nothing that can prepare you for that much lack of sleep. NOTHING. No amount of books or baby advice or preparation. You just have to get through it and just keep telling yourself its temporary.

Post partum wise I was at first doing great. A little too great (maybe it was that blood transfusion), but I definitely did too much too soon. I was cleaning the house, doing dishes, laundry, all things to keep busy. And I felt totally fine. My dad even made a comment that he hadn’t seen me move that much in quite a while. I tried at first following the advice that any mom will hear 100x over – SLEEP WHEN THE BABY SLEEPS. But then I got restless. So I took baby steps at becoming my old self again, and since nothing “bad” was happening, I started doing more and more and more until the day came that I pushed myself too far and actually regressed in healing. So to my fellow parents – to – be, heed my advice –


The dishes, the laundry, every thing can wait. And coming from an extreme neat freak and OCD person, I understand that its so hard to just sit there. But you’ll be so happy in a less-sleep-deprived way that you let that crap go and just focused on healing. Also before you have that baby, just setup your “station” of where you’ll be – a living room, a bedroom, whatever – and park it. Don’t go up and down the stairs 100x in your house like I did to nurse while visitors are there. TRUST me, you’ll be glad you did.

Anyway enough about me, back to the baby.

Reagan showed tons of personality in just her first 30 days. She LOVES bath time. The kid could stay in the water all day (she’s a water baby, just like her mama…must have been all that swimming I did pregnant. And by swimming I mean waddling into the pool, taking 10000 minutes to swim a lap, and pretty much just floating  in the water to relieve my ankles). She also made an instant friend in a little puppy toy we got at a shower that we dubbed “Ruffy McBarkington.” Ruffy is a teether and just overall entertainment powerhouse for a baby. I don’t know what it is, but she stares at him for a 10 minutes straight. We also became instantly fan favorites of Wub-a-Nub’s with our little lamb being head honcho in Wubanubbdiom. She hates hats and bows on her heard.

Pooping is a full family event. We have to do a family huddle (even Ozzy joins in) just to remind her everything is ok.

But I wouldn’t trade any of the poop crisis, sleep deprived days for anything.

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