Our Wedding

Picking our Venue

I’ll admit, I was lucky. One of my best friend’s, Carlyn, got married at a beautiful resort in Mexico a few years back. It was amazing in every possible way. The food. The service. The grounds. The water. We’ve never had such a wonderful experience. Having all your favorite people in the world at an exotic location (with all inclusive gourmet food and alcohol)  Thomas and I thought….”You know if we ever get married, I want it to be just like this.”

So we are.

I can’t even imagine what normal brides go through having to scout venues on the weekend. Where do you start? How do you know if you picked the right one? What if there’s a better one?

All of these thoughts raced through my mind when we started planning. I knew I wanted destination. I knew I wanted the beach. But should we check out other resorts in the area? Or do we want to go to a different part of the world instead of Mexico? There’s 100 ways to make this decision more difficult if you expand your venue search to the entire world vs your state. And we don’t like difficult.

So I hope its just as amazing as we remember it and that you all love it as much as we do. Here’s some photos from our trip from Carlyn’s wedding to prove my point. And yes, the water really does look like that. And yes, there will be a donkey again Jason.



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