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Panama City – Reagan’s first trip to the Beach

First week of April we went down to good ol PCB to join Selina & Jerry on her spring break. It was a pretty last minute decision, which really just added to the chaos of our life at that moment. We had decided to sell our house and had been working all week (well, Thomas had been working all week) to get it show ready. And the day we decided to list it and put it on the market, was also the day we would need to leave for Florida.

On the one hand we thought it would be good because we wouldn’t be home its first weekend on the market so if people wanted to come see it, we didn’t have to worry about being in and out of the house. Our dog, Ozzy, wouldn’t be there barking at people from the back yard. And going on a trip meant that we’d have half the house packed away so it would actually look cleaner and have less baby crap in it.

But that meant preparing for our first trip the day we’re trying to list our house. Talk about being overwhelmed.

Your first trip with your first kid….its ridiculous. And Thomas and I are people who consciously tries to not bring too much stuff. We always end up taking things out of our suitcase because we hate having so much baggage. I think I have a weird obsession of being like a model in a catalog who just has her weekend bag and thats it lol.

But with Reagan, we knew we’d have a ton more stuff. But we packed KNOWING that, and trying to be conservative, and I kid you not, the entire car was packed from front to back. It was like one big game of Tetris.

You pack like you’re going to a 3rd world country with no food or diapers or wipes or anything like that you use. We’re going to Florida for pete’s sake. There’s a Walmart down the street.

Anyways, we finally found a last minute boarding place for Ozzy (because it was spring break in Georgia, everything was booked). Thomas got the yard looking great. I got the inside staged for showing. And we packed the car and headed to Florida.

We were super nervous about Reagan being in the car that long, but she actually did great. We made it about halfway and stopped for a late lunch and let her play. The 2nd leg of the trip was a bit harder for her, but she still did fantastic (but you can tell by her face, she was over it).

The weather was of course gloomy while we were there with off and on storms (this was when all those tornados and storms tore through the southeast). But we made the best of it. We got about an hour of beach time on the somewhat sunny days. Reagan wasn’t quite sure what to make of the sand and ocean but had a ball with all the people watching she could do.

I also made the mistake of way overdoing the sunscreen on her face. Remember when you were a kid and the sunblock got in your eyes? #momfail So her first 20 minutes or so on the beach wasn’t very enjoyable but once we got that remedied, she was all about it.

When we went out to eat that night, she got to sit in a high chair for the first time. Lots of firsts on this trip!

All I wanted when I was pregnant was beer and oysters. So I finally got my fix!

Watching the storms..

Our 2nd attempt at the beach, we knew a little bit better about how to approach the whole thing. Less sunblock on the face. More walking around and playing in the waves.

On our way home we had to stop at McDonalds because the weather was so bad. Everyone on the road did the same thing, so it was more great people watching for Reagan.


All in all we had a blast hanging out with Jerry and Selina for a few days. We got to see the beach. Thomas and I got some work done while they watched her. And while we were away, Thomas sold our house 🙂

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