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First Baby Model Gig – Ivy & Simone

Everyone tells me that Reagan needs to baby model. And I’ve looked up a few agencies in Atlanta but honestly haven’t been able to devote much time to it these past few months. So when my sweet friend and past client Lexi told me about her new business, Ivy & Simone, anΒ online baby boutique with safe, sustainable, & stylish  ...

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Georgia Aquarium Adventures

I’m not sure about you guys, but we’re the worst people at being tourists of our own city. People from out of town have seen more of Atlanta than I have sometimes…now I can tell you where to go eat (and used to be able to tell you where to go to drink) but seeing all the stuff you’re supposed to see..we’re really  ...

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Baby W

Reagan – Month 7

Annnnnnd we’re mobile people. Full on crawling. I thought she’d ease into it and it would take a week or so for her to get the hang of it, but I guess Reagan had been planking for so long she had the strength to do it, she just needed to figure out the mechanics. No exaggeration, the day she started crawling, by the end of the day  ...

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