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Our Biggest Adventure Yet – We’re Pregnant!

Yup. 2016 has been quite a wild ride so far. We started by celebrating the new year in Paris #Gravgard style. But I knew something was up while we were there. I thought I was just being a wimp about jet lag and not being used to walking 10 miles a day sightseeing. But turns out….nope…just pregnant. We found out officially about 2 days after we came home. Unexpected, but we’re thrilled none the less! We’ve both dreamt of the day of being parents, and I think witnessing the growth of Casey & Lisa’s family and what amazing parents they are (like seriously, they’re naturals), made us even more excited. We thought we had a few more months under our belt, but life’s whats happens when you’re busy making plans right?

Baby W is schedule to make his or her debut September 8, 2016. #GingerAsian all the way.

So far, the pregnancy has gone extremely well. I’ve only been sick once. I get nauseous time to time, but I usually just stuff my face with a cookie, I mean, apple. We’ve honestly been very blessed so far and are so excited to finally let the world know. We should be finding out the gender at the end of March!!!


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