Baby W

Our Baby Gender Reveal

My sweet brother Stephen made this compilation of our gender reveal back in March. Thomas and I had to sit on whether we were having a boy or a girl for 4 days before we did this reveal, and it damn near killed me. We found out around Easter time, and our OB put the results in a little easter egg for us to just make it a little special. We then gave the egg/results to our friends Jason & Aisling, along with some blue powder bombs and pink powder bombs. Aisling being the sweetheart she is also made a box full of balloons in case it rained on us and we needed to do it inside (power bombs in the house would probably be a no-no). And if you don’t know us, if Thomas and I want to ever do or host anything…it almost always rains, so Aisling was being prepared.

We had a great deal of friends and family there to celebrate afterwards, which meant the world to us to share that moment with them.

And that screaming in the background would be the Mother’s. No one thought this was going to be a girl, including myself. When I saw the video, I was blown away by how excited I was that we were having a girl considering I’ve always thought I’d be more of a boy’s momma than a girl. But here we are, one week away from meeting our precious daughter, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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