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Our AMAZING Engagement Party

#blessed is all I have to say.

Our amazing friends, The Gravitt’s, were kind enough to open up their home to throw us an engagement party along with my MOH’s Lisa Wingard and Amanda Tobin. The spread was incredible. The food was delicious. And the company…well it was probably one of the most favorite nights of my life.

Not to mention, I wore a tulle skirt. Which my lady friends know I’ve been crushing on a tulle skirt for years now and was so excited to have a reason to wear one. It was probably as big of a hit as The Gravitt’s beautiful home 🙂

Thank you again Molly & Collin, Lisa, and Amanda for all the hard work in planning such an amazing party. Thomas and I LOVED every second of it.

We were all having way too much fun to remember to take photos, so here’s a few that friends were kind enough to send to me to post. IMG_1713 2015-01-24-22.15.11 IMG_1693 IMG_2025 2015-01-24-22.54.49 IMG_1370 10801676_10104090642077330_6425751817022765882_n IMG_2034 IMG_2036 2015-01-24-22.15.35-1 IMG_2035 IMG_1723 2015-01-24-22.38.54 IMG_2934 2015-01-24-22.15.30 IMG_1728 2015-01-24-21.36.27 IMG_1740 2015-01-24-21.30.47 IMG_1737

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