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My Pregnancy Fave’s

Its so incredibly easy to go overboard with the amount of stuff everyone tells you that you need for pregnancy (and I’m sure for a baby). So in an effort of transparency, I’ll share with the daily items I used throughout my pregnancy that I couldn’t imagine not having.

  1. Erbaviva Oil – $29 – This stuff is THE JAM. While my pregnancy has been relatively easy, one of the gracious side effects I got was super sensitive skin. Which is a new phenomenon for me. I’ve never had sensitive skin in my life. I used every lotion, cocoa butter, etc in the world that I could find and would break out with itchy bumps all over me. So I switched to coconut oil for a really long time since my mother in law gave me a costco supply of it (thanks Selina)! But sometimes that was just too much oil, especially for my face. Right about that time I stumbled across this company on Instagram and ordered their mommy bundle. Of all the products, this is the only one I’ve ordered again. Now nothing can guarantee to prevent stretch marks, but it was so gentle on my already stretched to the max skin and smells phenomenal, I was hooked from the minute I opened it!

favorite pregnancy items - erbaviva stretch mark oil

2. The Snoogle – around $50 – At first, I was so not excited about bringing this thing into my house. I mean, its freaking massive. But after mom after mom after mom kept mentioning it (right about the time I was getting extremely uncomfortable), I finally broke down and got one. And while it takes up half the bed it feels like, you breath the biggest sigh of relief once you have that thing hooked between your legs and wrapped behind you for support. The one negative to it, and probably only an issue if you’re pregnant during the blazing hot summer like I’ve been, is that it did start to trap heat after a while. But I just started sleeping with less covers and problem solved. It takes me numerous grunts to get comfortable in this thing and I’m usually out of breath at the end of it, but I sleep like a baby. favorite pregnancy items -snoogle pillow

3. Boppy Pregnancy Wedge – $16 – After I just complained about having this massive pillow in my bed…I went and got another one. The wedge is amazing to stick under your belly (so look at the Snoogle image above and imagine it going in front of your stomach). Seriously you wedge that sucker in there, and its like you can breathe for the first time. It was also great to stick behind me when I’m working at my desk or driving. And I may or may not have used it as a laptop pillow a few times too. favorite pregnancy items - boppy wedge pillow

4. Blanqi Belly Support Tank – $68 – Last but not least, the item I broke down and finally got (again after so many other mom’s told me to) was this support tank from Blanqi. If you’re on pinterest, its pretty much there all the time if you look at maternity pins. And while the “underbust” part of this garment was a personal joke for me (as in the fact it “neatly” stays beneath your chest), the support in the front and back was amazing. When you get to end of your 2nd trimester and start your 3rd, there’s just so much weight that you’re bearing in the front. This garment almost picks up your belly for you a bit, and makes it easier to breathe and less stress on your back. favorite pregnancy items - blanqi

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  1. Selina

    August 16, 2016 at 2:06 am

    Wow! Can I borrow the snoogle when you’re done with it? That looks awesome. I was pregnant 30+ years to early. Love you more, Selina

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