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Holidays 2017

The holidays were SO. MUCH. FUN this year.

We got an epic snow storm and to watch our little gal play in the snow for days on end is a memory I’ll never forget. She was fascinated with it. Angry when we brought her inside to let her hands thaw out. And even more angry when we wouldn’t let her eat snow for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We also got to do something I had never done before, and that was to see Santa at Phipps. To get Reagan all dressed up to go see as an iconic of a Santa in Atlanta as it gets. And now that we’ve got that our under our belt…I’m in no rush to get back haha. We signed up in July, yes July, to have a reservation in December to see Santa. Keep in mind she’s one and really didn’t know what or who Santa is, and the whole thing did not go very well. $60 and a meltdown later…

I’m happy to say we did it, and I’m not saying I won’t ever do it again, but I think this year we’ll find something closer to home.

But like for most people, the holidays are nuts for us with social events. Everyone’s birthdays are in December it seems but with all the kids getting a little bit bigger and enjoying parties more, this season was so much fun. We had Charlotte and Graham’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, little June had Santa Claus come to her house for all the kids for her birthday, and princess Stella had all kids over for hers as well the weekend of Christmas. Of course we have our annual Friendsgiving/Friendsmas Party (title varies if its closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas lol) but its our one night we’ve done for about 6 years now to truly catch up with our closest friends and hang out. And we also had a few people over for New Years. You know you’re in your mid thirties when the party can barely make it to midnight. I think by 1 am there was 3 of us left awake. We also got to take Reagan to the Festival of Lights and she was in AWE. Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like walking through one of those twinkle light oasis’s.

And with the holidays we get to have people in town. My parents come. My best friend in LA comes to visit her family and we finally got to get our babies together since Reagan was born. But its always so fun to catch up and have that time to rest and recharge.

I also took 3 weeks off from mid December to early January, since I’m the boss I can do that. And its something I plan to implement every year from now on so I can be fully present in all the get togethers with my loved ones.


Some cute videos below:

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