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Georgia Aquarium Adventures

I’m not sure about you guys, but we’re the worst people at being tourists of our own city. People from out of town have seen more of Atlanta than I have sometimes…now I can tell you where to go eat (and used to be able to tell you where to go to drink) but seeing all the stuff you’re supposed to see..we’re really bad about. One of those things for us was the Georgia Aquarium.

We had been wanting to go to the Aquarium forever but life just kept getting in the way (or laziness). I mean, we have the world’s largest aquarium at our fingertips, literally 20 minutes from us and we never went. Then we got pregnant and talked about how we couldn’t wait to take our baby there so we figured we’d wait. Then she got here and it was complete isolation for 5 months until you get your bearings. Then it was “wait till she’s old enough to enjoy it.”

So in May we finally went and while Reagan was still a little too young to appreciate it, it was definitely a sensory experience with all the colors and sounds. Honestly I think she was more fascinated with the other kids running around then the animals, but the jellyfish and the big tank with all the fish definitely got her attention. And the white crocodiles (or alligators, I never know the difference)…those were terrifying.

All in all our first visit to the aquarium was a complete success and I think we’ll definitely be back for more as the months go by!

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