Gatlinburg for Selina’s Birthday

This year for Selina’s birthday, the whole family rented a cabin up in Gatlinburg, TN (we were fortunate enough to get to experience everything before the fires took over). We were so excited to not only see the beautiful Smokies in the fall, but we haven’t hung out as a family for days on end like this in quite a while. And it was Reagan’s first vacation! She’s not really been in the car longer than an hour and a half but she was an absolute champ on the 4 hour car ride till about the last 30 minutes.

Saturday everyone arrived and we just hung out at the cabin all day. They had an old school arcade video game in the basement which Charlotte and I played Galaga at (and failed). We also had a family of raccoons who lived in the tree right next to the cabin and would come say hello every night while we were hanging out in the living room! They would literally get on their hind legs, put their front paws up, and beg for food. It was actually kind of cute.

Sunday we went to Dollywood. We unfortunately didn’t get to see it at night (and I bet with all the holiday lights it was beautiful) due to the cold and babies’ bed times. Charlotte had an absolute ball riding the tea cups and all the other rides.

Monday we explored Gatlinburg, walking around and taking everything in. The fall foliage was just breathtaking and Reagan was in awe of all the lights and sounds of downtown Gatlinburg.

I would definitely go back but would advise to go maybe in October/early November before it gets too cold.

Excited to see where Selina wants to go next year!

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