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First Time We Met – Angela’s Side

It was middle school and I was the new kid. I was sitting in the gym with my first friend I had made, Lauren Hester, getting the lay of the land and rundown of all that was ET Booth. A boy walked up to us I hadn’t met yet. He had a ginger complexion, spent a lot of time in the sun, and you could SO tell he had put Sun In on his head. It gave him what I could only describe as a copper halo.

Before he could say anything, Lauren asked him what happened to his hair. Without skipping a beat, he responded he had a terminal illness. She began profusely apologizing and he just grinned.

He was cute. He was funny. He was highly inappropriate. And I was smitten…

Thomas and I didn’t have much interaction in middle school but once we hit high school we became fast friends. We bonded over our love of music, such as legendary artisans like Limp Bizkit (who knew Fred Durst could spawn a 10 year romance?). One year we literally had 6 out of 7 classes together. We acted like a bickering married couple even back then, but secretly I loved every minute of it.

We went our separate ways in college. But it wasn’t long till we bumped into each other at Johnny’s Pizza in Woodstock and reconnected. We embarked on another year of friendship, talking for hours on the phone, nursing each other through breakups, complaining about school, and dreaming of moving out west.  It wasn’t long until…according to Thomas…I basically forced him to be my boyfriend. Because if you know Thomas, you know how easily forced into situations he is :)

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