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First Time We Met – Thomas’ Side

The first time I encountered Angela was during bus duty at E.T. Booth Middle School. Encountered is a strong word, more like creepily gawked at her from a distance. My first thought was that the ethnic population at E.T. Booth had just increased by 1, a 100% increase. My second thought was, “Now, that is an attractive teenager!” (Note to reader: after I turned 21 this phrase was never uttered again). Unfortunately, I didn’t get to interact with her much while in middle school. This was mostly due to the fact that I received all of my education in a trailer, hoping to never experience a tornado while in class. It wasn’t until we shared a class at Etowah High School, some 3 years later, that I really got to know her. We sat next to each other in English class and spoke every day. It did NOT go well! But, we still managed to become friends.

We remained friends throughout the years despite having nothing in common. It wasn’t until the later part of my collegiate career that we became really close. I got to see her when I came home and she even visited me at Georgia Southern. During these visits, I started to realize that we were becoming more than just friends. Due to this realization, I knew what needed to be done… I need to let her know that I’m not interested in dating. My master plan was to call her and explain that I can’t have a “girlfriend” my senior year of college. My academic success would be stifled if I had a girlfriend during this important and transitional time in my life. (Best. Idea. Ever.) While giving her the best letdown speech of my life, I noticed nothing but silence on the other end of the phone. Have I hurt her feelings? Did she hang-up? No! She simply took my best lines and sweetly replied, “Your so f**king full of shit!” Wow, I thought. Not only was she unfazed by my “It’s not you, it’s me” speech, she made damn sure that I knew what a catastrophically poor attempt it was…. I kind of liked it! After that, I knew exactly what needed to happen… a ten year relationship and then marriage.

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