Baby W

Fall 2017

After our little gal turned one, we thought she was SUCH a big girl. Like she’s one now right? And as I’m writing this reflecting back on that time, she’s so little to me. But honestly overnight, Reagan shed her baby ways and the toddler sass started to show its ugly head really bad around 14 months.

I would say 14-18 months was TOUGH. There was frustration all around. She was frustrated because you can tell she’s trying to communicate, but we of course can’t understand her yet. We’re frustrated because we can’t figure out what she wants. And sometimes what she wants can change in an instant. Sleep schedules adjust. Your whole baby routine adjusts. You’re trying to shed the bottle. Its just such a time of transition compared to the first year of life of this regimented schedule. Also having Reagan around her big(ger) cousins, she wanted to do what they did and was finally at an age where she understood she was being treated differently.


She also became destructive. As a baby, she loved emptying out her drawers of socks and bathing suits and such as I would share on Instagram a lot. But then it became tearing out all the books, all the toys, all the babies, all the shoes. And she realized there was a whole house she could do this. Multiple closets to rearrange.  That baskets and boxes around the house actually contained other things that needed to be pull out of their place. And of course she didn’t quite understand punishment yet either. Like when she crawled into her water table in literally the 10 seconds I turned around…

But while its tough mentally to get through, that stage was so fun to watch Reagan develop. To see her comprehend things in the world, or do something by herself for the first time and watch her face light up that she did it on her own…it never gets old.

We started just getting out of the house way more than we had used to. Now that she was able to walk around, getting out of the house was more for her than anything, just to see new people, experience new things, and definitely launched our multiple weekly Target trips.

Halloween was such a cluster. I thought we weren’t really dressing up, and just bought Reagan a cute little flamingo outfit. Apparently at 4:30 on Halloween, Thomas decided he wanted to do a full family get up. So we rushed to the store and went with Star Wars. This actually ended up being the perfect outfit for Reagan as it was just a thick cape and head piece that kept her warm on such a cold night. We trick or treated in the Marinelli’s neighborhood with her cousins and she had an absolute blast.


More photos from the fall:

Getting our One Year Old Shots.

First Time at LaFonda and that belly is FULL of black beans and rice.

Aunt Lisa’s Bday. I love this photo so much LOL

1st time getting ice cream!


A few videos from the Fall.

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