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Delta preview of the New Braves Stadium! #BatteryATL

So we decided to take Delta up on their offer to check out the mockups and vision of the new Suntrust Braves stadium they’re building in Cobb County and turn it into a little date night. We got to meet some really nice folks and talk all things Atlanta, munch on some Fox Bros. BBQ (mostly me doing that) and have some drinks (all Thomas on that one). The purpose of the event was to sell season tickets, and maybe one day we’ll be rich enough to do it ourselves to give to clients, but 2016 ain’t that year lol. One thing we really loved, was that under the Chop House, the season ticket holders section was more bar like seating. You get your own club and its quick access in and out of the stadium, but its nice that you’re not forced into an aisle of seats.







We thought it would be a nice moment to share together to check out the braves stadium under construction since we’ll sound like old fuddy duddies to our kids who will never know what Turner Field was. Kind of like how people in Atlanta who knew what the old city hall building was before PCM 🙂

Also I was 21 weeks pregnant in this pic! My weekversary is on Thursdays. Growing bigger every week!

BUT we are seriously looking for other people who’d want to go in on the seats and split up the season…wink wink.

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