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Baby W – 1st Trimester


So I intended on taking belly pics throughout my pregnancy and realized I’m really bad at this kind of stuff. But I tried to do the best I could, so counts for something right?

The first trimester, I was pretty lucky overall but at the time I thought I was going to die. I only got morning sickness a handful of times but since I’m already anemic, the fatigue hit me with a vengeance. I think I averaged 12-14 hours of sleep a day. By about 3pm, I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open and would generally take a nap around 5:30. I stopped going to the gym as much for a variety of reasons between work and the exhaustion mostly. And since nap time seemed to be around my usual gym time, nap time usually won.

I continued to crossfit maybe 1-2x a week at best, but it quickly became something I couldn’t handle any longer. I was tired. I was winded so easily. And honestly it wasn’t quite as fun to me if I can’t go all out. Then I had complete FOMO seeing the other people in class being able to lift or push themselves to that point we all love/hate. So I started walking Ozzy about 3x a week anywhere from 1 – 3 miles or I’d do modified kickboxing classes.

At the time I thought I was SO big and knew I would laugh when I looked back or was at the point I’m out now (about 6 months pregnant). The first trimester is tough, you just feel bloated and like you have a beer gut mostly. You don’t look pregnant but your body is changing right before your eyes. I popped super early, like around 9 weeks I could feel the top of my stomach pop out a bit more, which is a crazy cool feeling.

Baby W was super active in all her sonograms. She would punch and kick in every sonogram (must be all the kickboxing), she even looked over at us in one sonogram and waved, which melted our heart (and honestly kinda freaked us out because she still looked more alien than baby at that point lol). I will say the first trimester flew by though. We threw a going away party for our dear friend Kris that moved, so I got to experience my first “night out” pregnant. We got to celebrate my birthday a bit differently than usual, a quiet dinner with the family, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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